About Us
I spent twelve years as an Executive Assistant to upper level management and high level
executives of major corporations.  Along with my professional responsibilities, I often took care of
their personal business as well .  As a working professional and single mom, I often felt like I too
needed a part-time personal assistant to take care of my everyday tasks.  With a daily commute to
Houston I was left with little time to do the tasks that needed to be done, including something as
small as dropping off the dry cleaning.  I spent my weekends running errand after errand playing
catch-up from the previous week.  (Not to mention, but who has time to take off from work to wait for
the cable guy?) I knew I wasn't the only person faced with the challenge of trying to "fit it all in."   
I decided there had to be a solution for me and for working professionals like me.  

After doing research and observing the increasing need for personal assistants,  I  decided to
venture out on my own.  I created my company, Jennifer Wilkins & Assoc., to assist people like me
by providing executive concierge and  personal assistant  services.  The response I received has
been extremely positive.  I have found the services I provide offer a tremendous help to a wide
range of  people.  It is my goal to show you that you do not have to be a high-powered executive to
use my services.  You too deserve to hire the services of a  professional personal assistant.  
You too deserve assistance with trying to "fit it all in", and we can help!

My company focuses on our clients needs.  
We offer a wide range of time management solutions:  from taking care of your personal everyday
errands,  assisting with home organization,  and calendar management  to personal shopping.  
For the needs of small businesses or executive level services, we are qualified to assist
you with business related items ranging from faxing, correspondence, spreadsheets and
presentations to bookkeeping.  There is no task too big or too small.
Contact us today and let us start helping you make your life more manageable!

Jennifer Wilkins

Jennifer Wilkins & Assoc.

Ph: 281.299.2288
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