Executive Concierge and Personal Assistant Services
Are your every day tasks piling up?
Can’t seem to find the time to pick up your dry cleaning or is your
time to
o valuable to sit and wait for the cable guy?
Do you need to proofread or assemble your important presentation?

Do you ever feel like you need a Personal Assistant?

At Jennifer Wilkins & Assoc., we understand!
We are here to help you make your life more manageable.  
Let us assist you with your everyday tasks, from dropping off/picking up
dry cleaning and prescriptions to organizing a special event.  
Our E-Assistant services range from faxing and mail-outs, to
proofreading and/or creating PowerPoint presentations.  
What ever the job may entail, let us tackle the task for you!  
We offer several levels of personal and executive service packages
and customized lifestyle management packages.  

Contact us today and let us start helping you make your life more

Jennifer Wilkins & Assoc.

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